The Brainforest Location

Update: The location is Arnold's Gap at Lake Mountain. This is a beautiful location just outside Marysville in Victoria. For directions from Melbourne see here. Please note that Arnolds Gap cannot be found on most maps including Google. If you search for "Lake Mountain Alpine Resort" and drive there, you will find the site on the way. It can't be missed.

We are really keen on giving you guys the full Brainforest experience, so the location we have secured is very special. It is fully legitimate and we have complete permission from the owners and the local authorities to utilize this beautiful place! There has never been an event like this at this location before. Put simply, the place is lush, pristine and picturesque.

Nestled just next to National Park land, we can enjoy the privilege of the beautiful place by making some basic environmental considerations. For this reason there will be a strictly limited capacity and vehicles will need to be parked at the entrance. The camping areas will be walk in only. The car park is located right next to the festival area, literally 50 meters from the dance floor. It is just a 1-5 minute walk to any of the camping areas.

Although this may be different to other outdoor festivals, we feel that the absence of cars in the camping area will create a more pleasant, safer and organic camping experience for all. Furthermore, the environmental impact that we will have on the land will be drastically reduced.

We really look forward to sharing this beautiful experience at this beautiful place with all of you beautiful people over Easter!!