Festival Guidelines

The Brainforest is an over 18 year old event. Unfortunately the site is not suitable for children. Only the young at heart are welcome this year, but we hope in coming years to be able to accommodate for the young in years as well.

For those already planning their journey, The Brainforest will be 2 hours north east of Melbourne. Further details will be released in the coming weeks.

Everyone is encouraged to be mindful of what they bring, and to leave no trace upon leaving. This means no sofa’s, marquees, tents or anything else unless you are going to be taking it home with you. Also, in the interests of sustainability, car pooling is very strongly recommended. Let’s work together to minimise the impact of The Brainforest on the environment, and ensure that future visitors are able to enjoy the site as we have. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

There will be a limited amount of drinking water available, so please bring plenty. April weather can be pretty warm and the average recommended daily intake is 8 glasses of water. Let’s all avoid missing parts of the festival due to simple dehydration!

Most importantly, have fun! We will not tolerate behaviour that infringes on the safety and enjoyment of others, so leave your antisocial mates at home and look out for your friends.

Let’s make The Brainforest a festival to remember for all the right reasons!

We are still taking applications for volunteers so please get in touch at