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The Chief
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The Chief is on a mission to bring funky and happy vibes of swing and chunk to the dance floor. Specialising in Glitch hop, Funky Breaks and Electro Swing he loves to brighten your day and send you on your way strutting and jiving through the world.

Once upon a time in the jungle of funk there was a man. The legend goes that he was born in the heart of the jungle and given a quest from the Spirit of the jungle. His quest was to go forth into the world of men and search for the Golden Trumpet, the source of the Funk.

The Chief's quest to find the trumpet has lead him out of the jungle. His first stop was in the Adelaide Hills where he picked up the first signs of the trumpets whereabouts. He learnt much from the Astral Lotus tribe, his journey then lead him to the city of Melbourne. There he searches day and night, looking for the source of funk.

Come see him play that you may too have an insight to his collection of relics and clues left behind by the Golden Trumpet.