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Somnium is a curious man of x many years, who comes from somewhere and lives somewhere else.

The only thing of real consequence here is that, just between you and I, apparently he doctors dreams.

The seed of a keen ear for music was planted in him in his early years. Carefully cultivated over 2+ decades of classical piano, violin, guitar, trombone ...suffice to say the fruit is plenty, sweet, electric and altogether ..psychedelic.

Somnium began a new adventure in Canberra in the early 2000s and it was around that time that he embarked on a quest to turn electricity into the most challenging and beautiful sound possible.

After listening to the hypnotic sounds of Psysex for the first time that Somnium's heart was set upon psychedelic trance. He dished out his first psy festival set at Liquid Sun 2007 and hasn't looked back.

Wandering through consciousness, Somnium is preoccupied with exploring what those vast fields have to tell us of 'life, the universe and everything'...

He will woo you into dreams. All is fantasy and so, all is possible. All is fiction, but it is all real. Hmm. Then, quietly he slips back into the fold, leaving all the dreamers craving just a little more.