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Ben Evans is a young & vibrant Australian electronic musician, widely known around the industry for his energy and enthusiasm all of which he shares with the world through his passion and commitment to his craft.

Encompassing a vast array of atmospheric and melodic groove from the depths of the underground trance movement keeps Ben on the forefront of his quest for limitless creative pastures and the ultimate heavy session! A regular amongst the electronic music circuit locally and internationally.

Ben's performance style combines influences of tribal, percussive, progressive and organic sounds driven by slamming drums and psychedelic groove, fine-tuned to tickle your 3rd eye with magical precision. With it fused together in one sweeping mix of styles, colours and sounds in an atmospheric, earthly environment he transforms his audience into a united rhythmic movement.

Elevating dance-floors at the Rainbow Serpent Festival 08,09,10,11, Southern Oracle Festival Queensland, Dragon Dreaming Festval Canberra, R.E.G.E.N Regrowth Festival NSW, Tribeadelic Gathering New Years, Maitreya Festival, Halfmoon Festival (Thailand), Blackmoon Festival (Thailand), Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, GodsKitchen Australia, Global Gathering Festival, Creamfields, Trance Energy, Earthcore Music Carnival, Sensation White - Telstra Dome, Strawberry Fields Festival, Future Music Festival and a barrage of hearty events all over the circuit for just shy of a decade. 2012 brings about an array of opportunity and exploration as Ben sets off to devour the psychedelic wonder of the Groove Attack Festival in Israel and the Tree of Life Festival in Turkey where he has been locked down to give the main-stage a full spectrum mental unravelling. Soon after returning Ben has been whisked away to New Caledonia to cast a spell over this wonderful tropical isle late August amongst more fruitful journeys.

Ben also hosts a weekly radio show called 'The Artifact Show' every Thursday morning on KissFM Melbourne featuring regular psychedelic heavyweights and homegrown talent, his shows aim at taking you through the wonderful entanglement that is our worldwide electronic music industry. broadcasted live around Melbourne & streamed online at with international guest appearances from the likes of Mindwave, D-Addiction, Ritmo, HypoGeo, Headroom, Materia, Broken Toy, James Copeland, Quantize & so much more.

On the other side of the booth Ben has been creating magical party spaces in wonderfully unique surroundings for over 7 years now through his events and tours in Australia. Forming the Artifact Events Company hosting many experience events under the various event labels in Melbourne tailoring all the fantastic sounds within the progressive and techno realms through his 'Interview' events and all the complimenting ingredients added for a blissful event experience.

Alongside these events Ben and his team at Artifact have formed a monstrous collection of immense psychedelic trance events taking the future of technology and event mechanics to brand new realities of interaction and musical mayhem called the Colour of Sound. the aim is to elevate that dance-floor experience to a whole new level, then smash that level into a millon more within the confines of a single experience! viva la future and all that it brings as these creations manifest into experiences we have all enjoyed the portals that are now very much opened and vibrant!