Brainforest Market Stall Application Form

Your Contact Details
Business Details
If applicable.
If you are plan on serving food, please upload a PDF copy of your Food Handler's Certificate. (Max 5MB)
If you have public liability insurance, please upload a PDF copy. (Max 5MB)
Please describe your business, including ethos.
Stall Information
Enter the price range of your products/services. If you are serving food, please include drink prices separately.
Please include a description of your proposed infrastructure, including vehicles, trailers and shelters.
If applicable, please include a description of cooking equipment you will require, including energy source (gas, electricity, wood fire).
Resource Requirements
Please enter the length your store front will require in metres. If you have a roaming stall please enter 0.
Please enter the space you will require in metres squared. Please include vehicles, trailers and shelters. If you have a roaming stall please enter 0.
Please enter the number of kilowatts of power your store will require, rounded UP to the nearest kilowatt. You may enter 0.
Please enter the amount of water you will require in litres. You may enter 0.
How many staff will be required; including yourself if applicable?
Please enter any other requirements your store has including rubbish and drainage.
Food Vendors
In the interest of ensuring profitability for our vendors, we are only implementing 2 food vendors. What do you feel is a reasonable fee to sell your food at The Brainforest? You may enter 0.
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